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All together now …

A small-business client sent me a photo of herself posing with staff and colleagues at an industry function.

She asked if and how the shot could be used on her website.

After examining it, here’s what I said:

Normally, pics like these bore readers to tears (so I advise ditching them).

This photo, however, is unusually well executed.

So, the questions are, will your website’s target audience:

  1. Know who these people are?
  2. Be impressed?

If 1 and 2 are YES, you could use the pic as is, with no copy at all.

If 1 is NO but  2 is YES, you’ll need to identify the people by name, title and organisation for optimal effect.

You could do this the usual way (i.e. via a caption) but it might be a bit long given the number of people in frame.

Alternatively, you could embed these data such that they appear when the screen cursor hovers over each face.

Or, you could add a number to each person and add a legend with the data beside or below the pic.

Or, you could distil the pic into a silhouette (e.g. black line or solid shape on white background) and add numbers to each face – plus a legend as described above.

Regardless of the answer to question 1, if 2 is NO there’s no value in using the pic.

My client was grateful for this analysis.

And I realised two things:

  1. Though my forte is words, I’ve been around long enough to pick up some visual tips.
  2. I’m good at laying out solutions to help people decide things and get them done.

I hope you got something from reading this too.


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Pic by The Happy Rower.


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