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Now U C it.

Here’s a client question that may interest:

I was reading a LinkedIn post and I wanted to know the legal rights if I want to use any of that post in a report.

I replied:

To be on the safe side, put anything you use in “quotes” and give the full details of each source you use (either as embedded links or as notes at the bottom of the page or the end of your report).

Most people who write content don’t mind being quoted, so long as they’re also cited.

It’s good for their brand if it’s done this way.

A few writers can be precious about it, but if you show where the content came from in good faith, the worst they can do is notice, complain, and ask you to remove it.

Which is pretty unlikely, given how much stuff is flying around online.

Sometimes, I contact content creators in advance to seek their permission to use their stuff (mainly images).

They generally appreciate this and agree (often in return for a link to their site).

Also, some pieces of content have instructions at the end that explain what can and can’t be done with them.

So keep an eye out for that too.

Finally, there’s some great info at Creative Commons and Wikipedia

I hope that helps.


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Pic from Wikipedia.

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